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Samreen Zubair

Speech and Language Therapist

Hi. My name is Samreen Zubair and I am a bilingual speech and language therapist from Pakistan. I completed my undergraduate studies with a dual degree in Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences. I have nearly 4 years of clinical experience working with preschool and primary school aged children. I am currently enrolled in a Masters’ programme at City, University of London.

My Story

I grew up in a household where there was a great emphasis on helping others. With a significant personal history of needing services for speech and communication, I chose to pursue this as my career later in life to benefit others. My area of expertise is centred around helping children and young people by empowering them through helping them communicate and function as independent individuals in society.

What type of therapy do I use?

My area of expertise includes assessing and providing intervention for clients with speech, language, hearing and swallowing difficulties. I use a hybrid approach in my therapy sessions which aims at achieving outcome measures through a multidisciplinary team approach including other professionals and family/caregiver input. I am fluent in Urdu and English and can assess and provide intervention in both languages.

What do I enjoy outside of speech and language therapy?

I am an avid reader and enjoy reading books across various genres. Furthermore, I am fond of learning different languages and travelling.

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