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Ali Ilyas

Clinical Psychologist

Hello, my name is Ali! I am a Clinical Psychologist.

I love what I do and find immense gratification in witnessing an individual transform and flourish. Being a participant in that growth process is one of the most beautiful parts of this profession. I look forward to the journey of development we may take as you sit across the chair from me. 

My Story

I have experience working with individuals struggling with stress management, establishing relational boundaries, issues around identity, and more. I have also worked with individuals suffering from more severe mental health conditions such as mood disorders, anxiety disorders, dissociative disorders, eating disorders, and trauma-related disorders from all walks of life. 


What will it be like when you meet me?

I like to create a space of non-judgment where you can freely express yourself. My approach involves collaborating with you to create an atmosphere of openness and ease, ensuring you feel supported and understood. Together, we embark on an exploration of your inner landscape, where I aim to provide support and guidance throughout the process.

Do you offer assessments?

Yes! I can offer psychology assessments to better understand the difficulties you are experiencing and make a plan to help you overcome these challenges. 

I am also able to conduct ADHD assessments and provide recommendations and support to help manage difficulties related to this.


What kind of therapies do you use?

I am trained in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Internal Family Systems and continue to educate myself through supervision and training on psychodynamic models of psychotherapy. I hold a particular fascination with the relational element of the therapeutic process. My approach is rooted in an existential orientation, integrating various modalities to address my clients' psychological challenges and the existential inquiries that often arise. 

When it comes to diagnosis, I exercise caution, striving to ensure that a diagnostic label doesn't dominate an individual's sense of self. I aim for it to offer insightful information about themselves without becoming the central aspect of their identity. 


What are your interests outside of psychology?

I love a good book and I almost always carry a novel wherever I go. I also enjoy the craft of writing and often tinker with some short stories that I write for myself. I like to stay active and find myself at home practicing martial arts, specifically BJJ. I love watching stand-up comedy and love a good laugh. 

About me

Qualifications: Social Sciences (BS)​, Clinical Psychology (MS)

Therapy used: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Internal Family Systems, Existentially Oriented Psychotherapy

Ages worked with: Children and young people from 12+ and Adults

Services: Therapy with teens and adults, ADHD assessments

Clinics at: Fortune Executive Tower, Online

Accreditation: Dubai Health Authority (DHA)

Insurance: Enquire to find out more

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