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Stephanie Mair

Specialist Mental Health Midwife

I’m Stephanie and I’m a UK trained Specialist Mental Health Midwife. I became a midwife with the NHS in 2010 after my own experiences of pregnancy and birth with my first child when I knew how I wanted to be treated and made to feel. 

My Story

After completing my rotation around all clinical areas, I become predominantly community based for much of my career providing antenatal, labour care in a midwifery led unit and home birth settings, and postnatal care. I went on to specialise in perinatal mental health in March 2021 and have since gained my postgraduate qualification in enhanced psychological practice.   

I am passionate about supporting families through maternity services to empower them as they prepare for birth and the transition to parenthood. If you choose to be part of our group sessions, I look forward to helping you also create an invaluable peer support network to share during your time with Connect Psychology and beyond.  

Pregnancy, birth and the transition to parenthood can be an incredibly exciting time, but it can also be an anxious and vulnerable one. I look forward to being a part of your journey, whether it be through your pregnancy and planning your forthcoming birth, or reflecting on your experiences of pregnancy, birth and the early days with your baby.  

What I offer

Antenatal individual sessions

Antenatal group (6 weeks)

Postnatal individual sessions


Postnatal group (6 weeks)

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