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About us

Our vision

Our vision is to provide a high quality, culturally competent, holistic, psychological support service that promotes inclusion, recognises social-emotional and learning needs and prevents the development of mental health challenges. We will do this by using evidence-based approaches and assessments; by implementing effective mental health consultation to children, adults, and families and by continuing to strive for excellence in supporting the psychological wellbeing of all Connect clients.

Why Connect?

Established on the evidence that connection to others is the foundation of human wellbeing, we are a psychological service that aims to destigmatise and, in turn, normalise, that we can all benefit from mental health support. Starting from a young age, we have a remarkable capacity to overcome challenges, yet the number of us experiencing mental health difficulties continues to grow.  In therapy, it is possible to learn ways to protect our mental health, to process and recover from traumatic events and to strengthen our own resilience.

Talking to a therapist may sometimes feel easier than sharing what you’re going through with friends or family. Life can be really hard and overwhelming at times, with our past experiences continuing to influence how we cope. You don’t need to have a diagnosed condition to desire a more in-depth level of self-awareness and understanding of how you function in relationships, in work, as a partner or as a parent. Your psychologist can help you explore helpful coping strategies, identify negative patterns or cycles, define your individual version of ‘happiness’ and enable you to work towards a fulfilling, authentic life.

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